Information Is Not King 31373

Information Is Not King 31373

It could be Queen, but it is certainly not King and I will inform you why. I am really tired of hearing the virtues of content when all of the search engines set more value on off-site impacts. If content really were king and you had ten sites that were all on the same issue, well crafted and improved, how could the major search engines determine which site was most appropriate? One of those sites is going to have to be first and one of those sites is going to have to be tenth. To check up more, please check out: logo. Well, Google found a remedy with this and that"s off-site influences, specifically link recognition - sites relating to your site. Each site connecting to you is really a "vote" for the site expressing, "this site is all about so and so."

This off-site effect is really strong that sites may rank well for terms that do not even occur in the site"s content. Identify extra resources on official link by going to our wonderful link. In the event that you search "miserable failure" on Google the #1 website is Biography of President George Bush. If you search the copy on the homepage you"ll realize that the definition of "miserable failure" does not even exist on the page. If content is king how do a niche site position #1 for a period that doesn"t even occur on the site? Isn"t this telling us that content really is not king and that link popularity is really the power?

I have a website that I set up for my mom"s book exactly about chastity, sex and relationships. The complete book can be obtained to learn on the web both on html pages or pdfs. Identify supplementary info about small blue arrow by visiting our lofty site. This content is relevant and beautifully written. Is is # 1 for chastity in virtually any of the search engines? Number. Why? Since it lacks link popularity.

Material isn"t King and probably never is likely to be. It definitely helps, but it"ll never give you the weight in search engines that link popularity does now..

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