Discover a world of natural radiance and harmony with ennoïa beauty products. Gentle solutions that meet your desire for a naturally beautiful face and body.

Ennoïa established a distinguished name for itself at the highly official Victoires de la Beauté in Paris. No fewer than two products from our range, the Exfoliating Face Gel with Jojoba Wax and Argan fruits and the Satin Body Lotion with Aloe, received honorable distinction after having been tested and approved by a consumer panel!

The concept behind ennoïa beauty products

Our planet is a giant garden that offers an abundance of natural miracles. Ennoïa harnesses these precious ingredients to bring you all the benefits of plants. Ennoïa products contain a wide variety of natural floral and plant extracts, botanical oils and essential oils, with their delicate fragrances and unique properties. Beauty products for the face and body, nourishing creams for the hands and feet, slimming treatments, and more. Ennoïa gently helps you reveal the natural radiance of your face and the harmony of your body.


Ennoïa products are developed and made in France in the Groupe Eliane laboratories. More than 15 years of experience and research into skincare and cosmetics means that, today, Groupe Eliane can offer you a complete range of high-quality, naturally formulated, parabenfree products.


The environment is at the heart of everything we do. Ennoïa has chosen its packaging with great care to be functional and practical, while using the minimum of materials necessary. The use of airless and pump bottles not only guarantees optimal hygienic conditions, but also ensures the formulas remain effective throughout their use.

Affordable products

All ennoïa beauty products are affordable, whether for the face, body, hands, feet or for slimming, so you can treat yourself without breaking the bank.

With ennoïa, discover the many benefits of nature’s ingredients, for a healthy, happy body… and peace of mind.

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